Handmade Leather Goods

Ferrocerium Rods are a popular fire lighting tools used in Bushcraft and Survival skills and can be found in medical, military and emergency kits almost all over the world. The metal composite of the rod can be scraped with a sharp object to shave off small particles of metal which ignite and produce white hot sparks of up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have always taken great pleasure in making good quality equipment for practical use that is pleasing to the eye. Having reliable quality gear can give you a sense of confidence when your out in the field and can also encourage people to get out more and use their tools which intern pushes their skill level.
Much like my knife, axe and clothing my Ferrocerium Rod has always lived on my person. Its a valuable fire lighting tool that can operate in almost any environment in the world and despite my passion for more primitive methods I always carry one.

I make my own hand crafted Ferrocerium Rods which can be found for sale under the merchandise tab. I select, cut and polish the antler handle from the antlers of Red Deer. The antler is drilled with a hand turned drill to ensure a clean hole that is no deeper than necessary. The Ferrocerium Rods I use are the same rods I have used throughout my YouTube Channel and they are of a medium harness and 13mm wide by 130mm long. The larger rods I use last for an incredibly long time and depending on how often you use them, and of course your technique, they can last a lifetime. The leather is veg tan cow hide cut and tooled by myself using hand tools. I wax all the thread used to stitch the sheath and burnish and seal the end grain of the leather to help repel moisture. I finish everything I can to the best of my ability and always make items aesthetically pleasing but truly designed to be used.