What’s Bushcraft?

Below is a video I created in the early spring of 2013 that may visually communicate to anybody watching what can be done with just a little knowledge click the 512px-Cog_font_awesome.svg symbol at the bottom right corner of the video when its playing to watch in HD.

The word Bushcraft is used to encompass a broad range of wilderness and outdoor living skills that often relate to an individual having a strong knowledge of their surrounding environment, allowing them to travel light with only minimal essential equipment, yet live comfortably by harvesting natural resources.

Bushcraft skills often involve the use or construction of basic tools such as Knives, Axes and Saws to harvest natural resources and craft useful items to aid in skills like cordage making, containers, baskets and nets, shelters and bedding, firelighting, water sterilisation, foraging, tracking, trapping and fishing for sustenance, medicine and ultimately doing all of this and not disturbing your surroundings. The term Bushcraft did not originate from the British Isle but more from Australia and North America were going out into the Bush was common place, although it has gained huge popularity all over the world.


Why learn Bushcraft skills?

Educating yourself about your surroundings and having the core skills to sustain yourself using your environment is a lost curriculum in the United Kingdom. Understanding the natural world and its sustainable resources and benefits are no longer a requirement for basic existence and as a result the vast majority have become drastically disconnected from having the knowledge to maintain even the basics of fire, food and water outside of the modern supply.

Learning Bushcraft and self reliance skills builds an often lost relationship with the earth we inhabit and gives back a person a sense of grounding purpose and appreciation for the skills our ancestors mastered. Walk out into the woodlands, open planes and wilderness, identify food, medicine, build shelters, make fire from friction or natural materials, to provide food for yourself and others all from basic tools designed to utilise the natural world, yet leave no trace and truly understand the environment you are in.

Many thanks for reading or watching and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.