I run a range of Bushcraft and outdoor competency courses here in the British Isles designed to improve and refine an individuals skill level but also focus their understanding and knowledge of the natural environment that surrounds them. My courses and the skills I teach are primarily based in deciduous and coniferous woodlands as well as coastal environments and the resources they offer. 

Ferrocerium Rods are a popular fire lighting tools used in Bushcraft and Survival skills and can be found in medical, military and emergency kits almost all over the world. The metal composite of the rod can be scraped with a sharp object to shave off small particles of metal which ignite and produce white hot sparks of up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bushcraft Basics is a training series aimed at people who are right at the beginning of their journey. Bushcraft as a word encompasses all wilderness living skills that allow you to live comfortably with the natural world that surrounds you, get closer to it, understand and respect it.

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