Large Leather Dump Pouch


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Large Leather Dump Pouch made from Grade A 3mm thick veg tan leather and 1mm/1.5mm thick soft leather. The leather is selected and cut from a full size hide. The Large Leather Dump Pouch is hand stitched with waxed rot resistant 1mm Tiger Thread and the edges of the soft leather are rolled and stitched for durability and aesthetics. The pouch will fit up to a 2″ belt width.

The pouch is a practical size allowing the user to carry a lot of material on a belt. It also has a leather drawstring and logo tab allowing you can secure your items when full. When not in use the Large Leather Dump Pouch is folded up and secure by a flap using a brass browne stud. The design is based around a classic folding dump pouch unlike the Bushcraft Possibles Belt Pouch which is slightly smaller. Also the Extra Large Leather Tinder Pouch which cannot hang on a belt and normally packs into a backpack.

The Large Leather Dump Pouch is a full leather item made from very high quality leather and it will last for a lifetime if looked after. It will not take kindly to brambles though! It will also naturally wrinkle in certain areas as you use it and over time get that vintage leather look. You can oil the leather with a rag and some saddle soap or neatsfoot oil once in a while as leather is skin and it helps it stay young when you oil it.


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