Large Leather Dump (Tooled)


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This is a one off handmade full leather dump pouch. The leather for the pouch was cut out of a full size hide and its roughly 1 -1.5mm thickness and dyed Dark Brown. Megan has hand stitched all of this with waxed 1mm black Tiger Thread and used 3.8mm thick veg tan leather to create the belt loop and fastening flap for the pouch. She has dyed this with a Red Brown dye and tooled it with a Basket Weave design.

The pouch is very well constructed and its a practical size allowing the user to carry a great deal of material on a belt. It also has a leather drawstring and logo tab so that you can secure your items when the pouch is in use. When not in use you can fold it up and secure the flap to the brass browne stud.

Note that this is a full leather item made from very high quality leather and it will last for a lifetime if looked after. It will not take kindly to brambles though! It will aso naturally wrinkle in certain areas as you use it and over time get that vintage leather look. You can oil the leather with a rag and some saddle soap or neatsfoot oil once in a while as leather is skin and it helps it stay young when you oil it.

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