Hultafors Classic Hunter Axe Collar


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Hultafors Classic Hunter Axe Collar cut from a heavy duty 4mm thick veg tan leather. The leather is dyed then wet formed around a standard axe handle making it fit with little adjustment. The Hultafors Classic Hunter Axe Collar is treated with Gold Quality Leather Grease and left on a heat source to absorb deep into the leather. This makes it very effective it repelling water and not holding water against the axe shoulder.

The Hultafors Classic Hunter Axe Collar is designed to protect your axe shoulder from an overstrike. An overstrike is when you swing the axe head beyond a log striking the log with the axe shoulder. This will gradually damage the axe shoulder splitting the wood grain. If you have bought yourself a new axe then I would recommend an Axe Collar until you are comfortable with using the axe. I use my axe very regularly and I still use my collar for aesthetics and protection. If you want to have a go at making your own collar click here.

You will find that this collar fits a range of axes with a similar sized shoulder to the Hultafors Classic Hunter. The axe collar can be adjusted by soaking it in warm water (not hot water) for 15 minutes. You can then mould the leather around an axe handle of your choosing and leave it to dry at room temperature for 24 hours. This will set the leather in position allowing you to tie it on with the supplied leather cordage.

The product will be available in a range of colours. It will be for sale as soon as my leather shipment has arrived.  


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