Field Master Knife – Special Edition


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This is a special edition version of the hand made Field Master Knife. It has the same RWL34 steel and heat treatment as the original Field Master but comes with custom scales with matching Ferrocerium Rod and a Full custom multi carry leather Molle compatible sheaths with fast deployment straps, including fallkniven dc3 pouch. These are not produced very often and mostly auctioned on Lee’s Instagram Page. If you sign up to the notification system below I can keep you notified if Lee is auctioning one of these or if I am selling one in my site here.

Additional information

Knife Specification

Metal Type: RWL34
Metal Treatment: 59RC Full Cryogenic Treatment
Blade length: 4.5 Inches
Knife length: 9.5 Inches
Blade Thickness: 3.6mm
Blade Grind: Full Flat with Secondary Bevel
Blade Spine: 90 Degree
Gimping: Very Fine
Choil: Small
Scales: Linen Micarta (black over brown)
Sheath: Kydex Black with Belt Loop (compatible with large Tek Lok)


Life Time Warranty, provided the knife maker can physically build knife.
Deliberately breaking the knife (for example, hitting it with a lump hammer) will obviously void the Warranty.


This knife is built to function in all environments.
The steel is highly corrosion resistant and requires no protection from moisture or salt water.
The blade may stain from various wood saps if left on it for prolonged periods, but this will wipe away.
The scales are Linen Micarta and require no protection from moisture or staining.
Maintaining the edge is relational to how much you use the knife and on what you use it on.
My recommendation would be to strop the knife according to its use. I always strop mine and check the edge as I do with all tools after a full days use, especially when I have been working with harder woods/materials, skinning game or preparing fish.
If the knife is only used on occasion for light work then stropping will be very minimal.