As a young boy from the age of 12 I was always fascinated by the natural world and the ability to survive within it. Like many kids I would spend almost all of my time outside with friends playing in the woods and streams that surrounded the village I lived in. Building survival kits and assembling various bits of equipment to allow me to thrive outside were something of a constant development when I was a kid. I had a cupboard in my room dedicated to survival gear which was well organized and ready to roll at a moment notice "just in case", so I would have liked to have thought at that age. Often me and my friends would spend time camping out around woodlands, rivers, derelict buildings and an old multi-storey milking parlour that became something of a base of operation. At the age of 14 I was introduced to hunting and fishing and with a few likeminded friends, we would spend days fishing and hunting, bringing back wood pigeon, rabbit, trout and sometimes pheasants for the table. I felt we learnt to respect and value food at a young age, and it has become is a way of life that has only strengthened with age, branching out into the eating of the seasonal wild plants that nature has to offer. As I grew older I began to realise that hunting was only a very small part of a larger picture as to me the word Bushcraft encompasses almost all outdoor living skills and in order to be a part of this world our ancestors had to be masters of all disciplines, not just one. I began to teach myself about plants from an edible and medicinal perspective, spending prolong time in the field and writing in my journal became a daily practice. The occasional three or four day venture with little or no food soon highlighted the gaps in my knowledge and the reality behind actual practical harvesting of mother natures bounty became clear. I love being outdoors and have never lost the desire to continuously learn and practice skills that connect me to my surroundings. To date I teach as a freelance Bushcraft Instructor in the Forest of Dean, but my free time is often dedicated to creating and sharing information through videos in an attempt to cover the vast subject that we know today as Bushcraft. Many thanks for reading or watching and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all. Mike

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