Natural Crafts Now Available

Making practical yet aesthetic pieces of equipment from Leather Hide, Bone, Antler and Horn has always been something I have embraced and enjoyed. To say that I am a perfectionist is probably an understatement so naturally I take great pride in my creations and they generally don’t leave my workshop if they don’t look at me right way. When I’ve needed an new Axe mask, handle or pouch, making it from the natural materials I have collected on my travels is often the case.

You can now find various natural crafts that I have hand made in my shop. Each one Is unique and is made from the highest quality materials I can forage and source.

My supply of Hide, Bone and Antler is limited to what I find myself so stock is often limited. I do regularly make items each week and put them up for sale in the shop at the end of each day 6pm GMT. If no items have been listed at 6pm GMT it means that nothing will be listed that day.

7 Comments on “Natural Crafts Now Available

  1. Hi Abdul,
    I don’t live in london, I live in Glocestershire and wont be available next Saturday the 4th of June as I will be teaching in the Forest of Dean. You can purchase one from the website and I can ship it to you?
    Many thanks for your interest

  2. hi my friend,
    i would like to purchase one Tinder pouches I will be in london next saturday.
    how can i collect it please.
    best regards.

  3. Hi Mike, big fan here, I recently watched your video on fishing for Trout with your hand-made fishing kit. Would you consider making one with 10lb line?

  4. Hey Mike,

    Absolutely love this pouch! Bought it earlier this month and the day it arrived I began assembling different “collections” that fit in it: tinder, maintenance, dry edibles, and other assortments. Great inspiration from your videos and have a couple outings planned over the next few months and this will most definitely be in my kit. Craftsmanship is beautiful yet still sturdy and rugged, and the leather has a fantastic aroma that is just beautiful.

    Thank you again for your years of dedication and passion for this lifestyle, and for sharing it with beginners like myself.


  5. Dear MCQbushcraft I would love to get a pouch but I need to know the sizes and prices. Could you please email them to me and I’m going to save up and get one thanks
    Brock Smith,

  6. Hi Hunter,
    There are three pointed antler ones available in the Merchandise section. If your after a crossbar style one I will be making more soon?

  7. I would like one of your Tinder pouches I am in the u.s. and I would like one.