Bushcraft Training Videos

Bushcraft Basics is a training series aimed at people who are right at the beginning of their journey. Bushcraft as a word encompasses all wilderness living skills that allow you to live comfortably with the natural world that surrounds you, get closer to it, understand and respect it.

We have made life very easy for ourselves on the whole which has gradually distanced our needs to maintain wilderness living skills but more importantly teach these skills to our children. Despite our natural human desires to be immersed in wild landscapes more logical questions begin to crop up due to the new world we live in. Where do you go? What can you do? What gear should you take? These are all questions that are very normal in this day and age and Bushcraft Basics will aim to guide people through these questions and many more.
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Episode 01 – Introduction

Episode 02 – Private Land in England & Wales
Episode 03 – Open Access Land in England & Wales
Episode 04 – Land Access in Scotland
Episode 05 – Land Access in Northern Ireland
Episode 06 – Choosing a Backpacks
Episode 07 – Water Containers
Episode 08 – Water Contaminants & Pathogens
Episode 09 – Water Filtration & Disinfection
Episode 10 – UK Knife Law
Episode 11 – Bushcraft Knives
Episode 12 – Knife Safety
Episode 13 – Knife Maintenance
Episode 14 – Knife Sharpening
Episode 15 – Personal Med Kit
Episode 16 – Field Journal
Episode 17 – Fire Lighting Tools
Episode 18 – Ferrocerium Rod Technique
Episode 19 – Finding Fatwood
Episode 20 – Fire Feathers