The Field Master

The Field Master is a high end hand made field knife born from extensive time in the field coupled with the experience and precision of one of the finest knife makers in England.

I have spent much of my life dedicated to practicing and teaching Bushcraft skills. Bushcraft to me is just a word but its often used to encompass all wilderness living skills. Bushcraft skills are broad to say the least and to gain knowledge within them all means working with a huge range of woods, barks, natural fibers, game preparation, animal hides, carving tasks, plants and mushrooms, foraging and food prep and many many more.

Natural Crafts and Items

Natural Crafts and Items

Through practicing these subjects you inevitably gain exposure to equipment and one specific piece of equipment that is always by your side and sees it all is your knife. The construction of your knife will often take shape to suit your needs and to work alongside the environment you use it in. For me I wanted a knife that was suited for almost all tasks in any environment in the world and thats why the Field Master was created. A Scandinavian grind is often the habitual grind used so frequently under the word Bushcraft but as wonderful as they are on wood, the edge is fragile and they are clumsy at tasks like slicing, food prep, flaying fish, dressing game. Due to the size of the bevel they also lack compatibility with a wide range of metals, reserving the grind more for carving which it excels at.

I approached Lee from LB Custom Knives with the hope of building and coming away with something I could put my name on. His knowledge and craftsmanship was on a level thats held by very few, not to mention his leather work which again is unmatched. Without his expertise and guidance this knife wouldn’t be on my belt. We spend a lot of time detailing its design and building models before building a prototype.

Prototype Field Master

Prototype Field Master

I tested the prototype for over four months across a range of tasks checking its durability, edge retention, corrosion resistance and the maintenance involved after using it. My first outing was a two week course in torrential rain were each day I would spend at least an hour battening a twisted knotted oak limb to process the morning fire wood. I was blown away with the blades performance even when my efforts to dull it were deliberate. Four months later and its been through a range of large and small game, fish from fresh and coastal environments, bones and barks, mushrooms and plant fibers, even a rabbit frozen at the top of a mountain in which it was lent to a student who smacked it clean through the leg bone, not a scratch. The knife has been a pleasure to use and the RWL34 steel is leagues ahead of any steel I’ve previously used in edge retention, edge strength and of course its corrosion resistance, which makes maintenance very minimal. Even though I did things with the prototype that I wouldn’t normally do with any of my knives I know this knife is what I imagined it to be and its a pleasure to use and carry.

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